Sunday, July 23, 2006


Congatulations to Lisa Hutch for winning the first 'Blog of the Week' for her blog 'Lisa Hutch - The TRIALS (heh heh), and adventures of a new Law Student.' I have given Lisa the blog of the week for this week because she was the first person to help me out with my blog building program.

Lisa's Blog is relatively new and it follows the TRIALS (heh heh), and adventures of someone embarking down the path towards a career in law. She is entering first year law ... Sept. 2006. Its a blog to document the CANADIAN student's perspecitve on being a new law student; what it meant to her life, what the first year course load was really like, and what to expect ... to help those pondering going down a similar road.

As she hasn't actually started law school yet, not until Sep 2006, the posts so far have all been about building up to it. However there are still many interesting posts in there. One post that I thought I should point out is the rules of a drinking game adapted from the checkers (drafts) drinking game. The game is called 'Shooters Checkers Squared,' and it looks pretty fun, yet skillful at the same time and likely fun even for the non drinker.

You can check out Lisa Hutch's blog by clicking on the link in the sidebar under 'Personal Blogs.' If you happen to drop by let her know that 'The Greastest Blog Experiment' sent you. Thanks.


At 9:19 PM, Blogger Lisa Hutch said...

OMG - I am ever so flattered! I'd like to thank my Husband, for being so supportive, and my parents, for always telling me that I could achieve anything if I tried, and of course, my fellow bloggers, for reading my blog ... LOL!

At 10:20 PM, Blogger BrentNM said...

Okay, I got your comment on my blog. Sounds like a good idea, how do I join?

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Silent Echo said...

Sounds great. Just tell me what to do.


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