Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poker Blogs

There are thousands upon thousands of Poker blogs out there and I couldn't possibly begin to tell you which are the best ones to read. I suggest you head to Google's blog search and start browsing. Most of the pros have a blog of some sort where they share their latest activities as well as articles on strategy. What I can share with you is the Poker blogs that I read or was involved in while I was really into poker.

My most successful poker related website was Adelaide Poker:

This blog is to provide a central location for upcoming local games, interesting facts, links and anything else to do with poker that will benefit Adelaide Poker Players. Please Enjoy the site.

I recently added some posts after not working on it for over 2 1/2 years. Despite the extended break it still appears on the first page for Adelaide Poker related searches.

My personal poker blog; 'Get a Real Job.'

In 41 glorious posts I chronicle the ups and downs of my short and uneventful poker career. I wouldn't suggest reading it because its pretty terrible. However, there are a few Gems that you might want to check out:

Bonus Swindling Guide- A guide to the method I used to build my bankroll from $300 to over $3000 with no poker skills required.

Casino Bonuses List- The list that goes with the guide above.

Casino Bonuses Played- A journal of how I built my bankroll using the Guide and the List linked to above.

If you're looking for inspiration, you simply can't go past the Law School Dropout blog. Extremely well written, funny, interesting and above all inspiring, this blog chronicles one man's journy from playing low limit online poker to sitting in some of the biggest Live and Online NL and L games in the world.

I suggest you start at the beginning (that is the last page of the blog) and work backwards through the pages to the first page which is the most recent post... about a year or so ago.

The final recommendation I will make in this post is for Sound of a Suckout. This blog used to have quite a following as the author was both an accomplished poker player and the go-to-guy for Bonus Swindling (mentioned above). When the anti gambling laws came into force in the US he was forced to remove many of the parts of his blog that made it great and he lost a lot of readers. Still its a good place to go to read about a guy who's juggling poker and life and who's seen quite a few hands along the way.


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