Tuesday, June 27, 2006


ATTENTION BLOGGERS, if you have your own blog then read on. The Greatest Blog Experiment is about helping blogs find their rightful place in the search engines... at the top! When i do a google search on the word "blog" i get 2.66 billion hits within .1 of a second, thats alota hits. As individuals we can only dream of top search engine status, but we bloggers are part of a HUGE community, and as a group theres no limit to what we can achieve.

Do you want to generate site traffic, get your message out there or just share your blog with others? I know i do. It is well known that one of the best ways to increase the hits to your site is to have many links to other sites and as many people as possible linking to your site. Although I can't promise you anything, my goal is to make it to the top, but a hard road lies ahead. You can help me and help yourselves by linking to this site, and in return I will link to you. Simply add this link, http://thegreatestblogexperiment.blogspot.com/ , in your sidebar, then post a comment to this message (bottom right hand corner of this post box) with a link to your blog and the category you wish it to go under, and i will add it to my blog.

This process will not only increase the hits to your blog, but it will increase the quality of those hits, as only people actually interested in the link will click on it. As opposed to the hits generated from the various "increase your site traffic programs" on the net which may get you a lot of hits, but they will be low quality hits from people not really interested in your content.

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